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Mini Temperature Control 75W LCD Vape E Pen Cigarettes Vapor Kit High Smoke

Mini Temperature Control 75W LCD Vape E Pen Cigarettes Vapor Kit High Smoke

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Fern Balistreri V 2018-10-26 08:30:08

Mini Temperature Control 75W LCD Vape E Pen Cigarettes Vapor Kit High Smoke Consumer Electronics, Gadgets & Other Electronics, Other Gadgets! Mini Temperature Control 75W LCD Vape E-Pen Cigarettes Vapor Kit High. 75W Mini Temperature Control Electronic Vapo Kit Steam Smoke Vape Pen Sweet.

Fern Balistreri V 2018-07-23 04:30:05

Kangertech Topbox Mini Upgraded Subox Mini kit kanger 75W Subox Mini Pro Temperature Control Box Mod e cig vape

Dr. Hilario Kuhlman 2018-05-15 12:30:03

How do you guys conceal your vape without it smelling?

Dr. Vaughn Maggio V 2018-04-06 22:30:03

Is the mighty an experience like no other? What are your guys thoughts? Thinking about getting 1. Its pricey but i like how it looks. I have arizer 2 solo, anyone know if its worth the upgrade?

Drew Abshire 2018-02-21 02:30:03

[Discussion] Hydrotube with Fury 2 WPA? Hello friends, I'm looking to buy a Hydrotube via the magic of DHGate for my Fury 2. The only problem I'm having is I can't find any other users who have tried this combination. The WPA fits 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm rigs but the glass I have been looking at has a 14.5mm insert. Do you guys think these two devices will be compatible? Link to glass:

Thanks in advance everybody, I always appreciate the help!

Dr. Hilario Kuhlman 2017-11-15 02:30:03

Would anyone be interested in a noob live stream? Hi /r/vaporents, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a "noob" live stream. I'll be answering any questions I can for people looking into getting a vaporizer but don't know where to start/what they're looking for/what are their options. edit: if you wish to be notified when the stream starts please leave a comment

Trace Kertzmann 2017-11-06 00:30:02

I hate my Air 2 OK, so this thing is annoying. When I take a draw, it whistles real bad. Plus the hits are feeble compared to the original. With the original, you can hold the stems tight against the heating element and draw and it'll draw slowly, but quickly heat up the stem and herb. When its hot enough, you pull the stem out slightly by a mm or so to increase airflow once the stem is up to heat. In effect, you could use this method as a carb and land you awesome hits. The Air 2 doesn't have this, they've designed it to be airtight so you can't use the stem as a carb. That means that you can't build up heat the same way in the 2. In fact, you can't really build heat at all unless you up the temp, because theyve engineered this "design flaw" out. And with that, they've designed the Air2 is be inferior for power users. Plus the whistle is gay as fuck. My original doesn't make any noise at all. If you want the air2, just get sone new Arizer batteries and OEM stems for your original Air and you'd be better off. Waste of $220 dollars. I really want my firewood 4 back...

Scottie Gottlieb IV 2017-09-27 04:30:02

Anyone have experience with the Magic Flight Launch Box? Hello fellow Ents! I've been wanting to get a vaporizer for a while now. I've looked at a few vaporizers, and I'm really liking the aestitic and size of the Launch Box, and it's right in my price range. I'm not a fan of making purchases just based on looks alone, though! I would like to know what your personal experiences with this device are. Pros and cons. How does it hit? Is battery life good? How does it travel? Is it durable? What is your favorite thing about it? What is your least favorite thing? My budget for a vaporizer is $150, and I would like to continue to use bud. I also like how small it is. If I like what I hear about the Launch Box, I would like to make it my first vaporizer. If you think there's a better bang for my buck out there, I would like to hear about it so I can look into it! Thank you for taking the time to look over my post, I really appreciate it!

Jerel Paucek 2017-08-14 04:30:03

Rarely comments, but cool products, good luck to you! Interesting? Vape Kit

Dr. Hilario Kuhlman 2017-08-04 22:30:02

I am very satisfied with my order, the toy is beautiful !!

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Mini Temperature Control 75W LCD Vape E Pen Cigarettes. - Pinterest

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Flavour? M? Guys what's the flavour difference between vaping and smoking? I havnt started vaping yet since I don't have one. I'm gonna buy a Dynavap vapcap, just don't know which one would be a good investment? M has really good reviews for its price. What do you guys think? Edit: I live in India