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Miller High Life Beer Can Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Quad 18650 #3/10

Miller High Life Beer Can Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Quad 18650 #3/10

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PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE LISTING BEFORE BUYING!I have been building and selling boxes in the NJ area for the past 5 years and have been doing online sales for the past three years. Also I have been selling my Devices in stores across the state for the past 2 years now. (Every MOD I sell I test and re-test for quality) if it does not work I don't sell it. So buy with confidence. If you would like to see this mod in action or any new ones that I have not listed here yet check me out on Instagram t...

Liza McKenzie 2018-05-28 08:30:02

After some crappola with USPS, my Linx Gaia finally showed up! Mad love for u/puffitup for being awesome!

Trace Kertzmann 2018-05-26 00:30:04

Batman Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Triple 18650 Extremely Limited 1/4. Miller High Life Beer Can Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Quad 18650 3/10. Miller High Life Beer Can Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Quad 18650 3/10 Tecnología, Dispositivos electrónicos, Más dispositivos electrónicos!

Tod Gottlieb 2018-02-19 10:30:06

Featured Miller Deals. Miller High Life Beer Can Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Quad 18650 3/10. Miller High Life. Miller High Life Beer Can Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Quad 18650 3/10. $99.99. Due to the nature of these products there is no warranty. This product is for experienced users requires technical knowledge in order to properly use it. Inexperienced users can cause harm to themselves others!!

Drew Abshire 2018-01-06 06:30:02

Arizer air avb Is 1g of avb consider a 1000mg edible? How exactly does that work? I usually just rub it on something like peanut butter and it gets me high.. I can't bake it into anything so how do you guys get it to stop tasting like shit?

Dr. Hilario Kuhlman 2017-12-16 22:30:02

Threw away package could someone who’s familiar with kindpen tell me what color = what voltage don’t want to burn my oil

Owen Kunze 2017-12-15 12:30:07

Miller High Life Beer Can Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Quad 18650 3/10 Consumer Electronics, Gadgets & Other Electronics, Other Gadgets! Miller High Life Beer Can Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Quad 18650 3/10 - Buy electronic cigarette. Shop online for vape pens Accessories.

Miller High Life Beer Can Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Quad.

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Miller High Life Beer Can Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Quad.

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Hi-Tech, Gadgets & Other eBay!, Merle Miller, Qty 10 pieces-Vishay- IRFPG50PBF-MOSFET N-Chan 1000 Volt, Matrix Cobra Warrior Speed Body Armor - Tan, Find beercan from a vast selection of Sound Vision. Get great deals on. highlife Milwaukee Tool Box 26650 Ran In Parallel. 3/10.

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Moon Shot Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Dual 18650 Parallel 22mm.

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