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Flowermate VT Pen - Newest Big Vapor Dry Vape Kit HB Blends Temp Control Puff

Flowermate VT Pen - Newest Big Vapor Dry Vape Kit HB Blends Temp Control Puff

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Mr. Alexys Wisoky 2018-05-17 18:30:04 logon/cart issues? Long time e-nano owner here who accidentally broke her last nano wpa, so this morning I tried to order a replacement or two. Unfortunately I ran into several errors which resulted in me being unable to login, items not being added to the cart, and some pages would not load at all, just giving a white blank page. Anyone else having these issues?

Liza McKenzie 2018-03-20 08:30:03

[Discussion] Can anyone still recommend the Flowermate V5.0? Debating between getting the Flowermate 5.0 or the Solo. The Flowermate is obviously more appealing due to it's price and stealth, but I've heard many people say they can't get good hits out of it or that its simply not efficient. Can anyone tell me if their Flowermate is still going strong and gives you the high you want?

D'angelo White 2017-11-22 02:30:03

Adding Nicotine To Dry Herb For Vaporizing Tutorial/Tips I'm going to preface this by saying i am by no means a veteran on vaporizing, and I am not very knowledgeable on vaporizing as a whole. Also i am from the UK, and so i am going to spell vaporise with a z, even though it is barbaric and simply wrong not the way i would spell it, i know the majority of the audience will be from across the pond and will appreciate it ;). Bearing this in mind, you will probably see a lot of terminology and jargon used incorrectly throughout this post, for which i apologize but will correct when i am made aware of any mistakes. Secondly i will mention that i will use both we/us and i/me throughout the post, this is because i was doing most of the experimenting and setting up, but it was both me and my dad who tested and sampled each attempt. If me being 19 and testing different methods of not smoking weed with my dad seems confusing, see here for my original post and backstory, this may clear up a couple queries you may have. Right, enough beating around the bush. The Final Setup: Flowermate V5.0S kit (US, UK) purchased from amazon, £60 delivered. Ordered black but was sent the blue one, which is an additional £20. Canny grumble. In the flowermate i am vapourizing dry herbs, specifially Pineapple Kush, my dad's favourite strand (if you read the back story, you'll know why that is important). Nicotine 72mg/ml PG base (PG base is ideal, and the regular kind, not nicotine salt based) An airtight container to house the spare liquid An airtight container to store the cured weed An eggcup, wrapped with cling film with a hole poked in the top (or another container with a smal, singlel perforation) A small syringe (capable of measuring to 0.1ml), i used and still use the one you get with children calpol, so nothing too fancy needed A small container to mix liquids in The Guide in Brief: Get your small container, and add 0.4ml of the nicotine concentrate to it Into the same container, add 10ml of boiled water, mix. This achieves about a 1:25 ratio if you choose to scale this up or down Now use the already sterilised syringe (thanks to the kettle water) apply this mixture atop your whole buds of choice. It is important the buds are whole. Apply liberally before patting down lightly with some tissue. Now, place the now damp buds into your eggcup, cover with the cling film, and pierce one hole in the film so that the evaporating water has somewhere to escape (or whatever other container with a small hole in the top) Place the covered egg cup in a place out of the sun, and somewhere no different to room temperature. The shortest amount of time before you should try and use the stuff is 12h, but we found the ideal time to wait is around 2 days (48h), any longer is unnecessary and you begin to loose potency. Now grind and enjoy, you should feel the nicotine working its magic at a similar time to when you would expect it to from vaping, it wont be the sudden headrush you get from a cigarette or spliff, however satisfies the cravings amply. note i would advise whipping up a fresh batch of boiled water and nicotine every time you go to make more of the nicotine weed. The consistancy of the mixture of the nivotine concentrate and water is essential and potentially harmful if not mixed/dissolved thoroughly. I can't tell you this is a neccessity, but just due to basic knowledge that stuff dissolved in kettle water does so better than when it cools. But the weed will keep as long as you need in it's airtight container, so you can make larger batches to combat that ballache of mixing the day before you want to smoke up. Explanations for seemingly random/arbitrary values in the guide I know nicotine salt based liquid delivers a quicker and more relaxing head rush than the regular stuff, however both me and my dad suffered headaches when trying the salt based stuff in this method. I love my salt based vape liquids for my liquid vape, but when used in this was was unpleasant. Based on both of us having the same thing, it looks like it just doesnt agree with being vaporized in this way. I can't tell you why, but i can tell you it wasn't nice. The reason i specify to use whole buds is because when we tried grinding the weed before adding the nicotine, it lost a noticeable amount of potency rather quickly, and it delivered no more nicotine than just soaking a whole bud, so purely for this reason whole buds > pre ground. A PG base for the nicotine isn't essential, with the VG based stuff we didn't have a problem, however the PG based stuff seemed to dry more quickly and also give a more pleasant throat hit and more plentiful 'smoke' when used. This nicotine strength (works out to be just under 3MG/ML) can be linearly adjusted to scale obviously, but the strength i wouldn't play around with too much. When using a strength of about 6MG/ML the weed didn't vaporize nearly as well, so its best to stick with the ratio i have stated (or lower, of course, but any lower and you may as well not add the nicotine in the first place;)) The tissue. I know that there is going to be some disagreement that using tissue will un purify the weed with fibres and such, but if you can provide me a better alternative i would appreciate it, and if not then i would suggest using high quality kitchen roll (costco is where mine is from lol), not toilet roll or packaged tissues. Room temperature is ideal as it will maintain it's potency whilst also allowing it to dry relatively quickly It's going to be frowned upon to leave buds not in an airtight container for any period of time, but it is the only was to get it to dry properly. No loss of potency was noticed when the hole in the drying container as small (pin prick sized) and was left no longer than 3 days. Damage to the vapourizer: As only £60($80) had been spent on our setup, and with a lenient returns policy offered by amazon, i was happy doing trial and error with the kit knowing it may affect it negatively. It's been around 3 weeks of constant use (and abuse, especially when trying different drying times and nicotine strengths) there has been no damage to the vaporizer. The mouthpiece is in expected condition after 3 weeks of use, and the box itself is performing just as well as the day i got it. If this changes, i will update readily, but as far as short term damage to the kit there has been none. A couple of honourable mentions: /u/deadbeatengineer who wanted this info when i posted my first question a month ago /u/MA_New_Microgrow who helped me out with some valuable information when i was first looking into this particular topic, and vaporizing as a whole /u/WS_Beast finally done, can't believe i spent well over an hour on it. Time keeping has never been my strongsuit. /u/buttplayis_bestplay the sort of aim of the game was to achieve a tobacco free dad. Whilst vaporising tobacco may well work, when I'm not here it'll be far too easy for him to one day wake up and just think fuck it ill go back to the spliffs. But thank you for the suggestion regardless. Also, when vaporising there is still CO being released by the tobacco especially at higher temperatures, so i can only assume that using liquid is significantly safer. /u/vapeverythingnyc here ya go :) In Closing This journey i have been on to try and find the right balance has been mostly for my dad, if you still have any will to live after reading this you can read more in the first link in this post, and without the information on this sub i would have gotten absolutely nowhere, i wouldn't even know that vaporizing weed in this way was a thing. A huge thank you to the community for your information, be it indirectly for the most you've all helped me and my dad out no end. Any questions or queries just shoot, ill be happy to answer EDIT spelling and grammar, much more to come i presume.

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Flowermate VT Pen - Newest Big Vapor Dry Vape Kit HB Blends Temp.

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FlowerMate VT Pen - Big Vapor Dry Vape Kit HB Blends Temp Control.

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