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Puri5 Dry Vaporizer Pen Aviator 2 *BACK ORDER* (JULY 27TH)

Puri5 Dry Vaporizer Pen Aviator 2 *BACK ORDER* (JULY 27TH)

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This Dry herb vaporizer Aviator 2, by continuing it's legendary, the art of vaporization, introducing the Aviator 2 . 3 in 1 packed in a palm size. The Aviator 2 comes with a glass mouthpiece that add to the purity of extraction which will make this portable digital vaporizer so powerful and diverse. The Aviator 2 has a ceramic oven, although the Aviator 1 has a stainless steel 100% pass-through hollow chamber. Aviator 2 has a Upgraded USB charging port and a deep ceramic oven.  Features:LED sc...

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Any way of attaching DaVinci IQ to a bong *without* an adapter? Presumably no, just don’t have an adapter yet. Wondered if there was anything I could do. Cheers

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