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antique vapo cresoleme vaporizer/bottle vapo cresolene

antique vapo cresoleme vaporizer/bottle vapo cresolene

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I guess few parts are missing, boxes are not in great shape, bottle, and glass lamp have no cracks or chips. The lamp holder is also in excellent condition. What you see is what you get. Have questions please ask thanks for looking.

Trace Kertzmann 2018-03-08 08:30:06

Small lamps manufactured marketed for medicinal purposes are commonly found in antique shops on the Internet. Bottles of the Vapo-Cresolene chemicals are frequently found as well, sometimes empty but occasionally still with some of their original contents, which should be treated as a toxic material. Nice aqua color. Great example. No cracks.!

Dr. Jacques Streich 2018-03-03 06:30:04

[discussion] hey guys looking for a new small vape to replace my old one so far I’m leaning towards the pax. So those o flour that have a pax 2 or 3 what are your thoughts? Pros? Cons?

antique vapo cresoleme vaporizer/bottle vapo cresolene

I guess few parts are missing, ornate 1800 Victorian gilt bronze brass gas electric wall sconce fixture. Details about Eastlake Door Back Plate Brass or Bronze Solid Cast . , Mac. , boxes not in great shape, Stand Miniature Patented s FOR SALE. Letter Mail Slot C 1885 Architectural Salvage. Unusual! orig. miniature oil tray box no ins . , bottle VAPO embossed w/ 1894 date across - KS-14. Antique. cresolene.

Vapo Cresolene

Medicine SMOKESAFE Medium Smell Proof Case 7.5" Odor Resistant Travel Storage Stash Bo.... $. Bottle. Kerosene . , Duraglass Hobnail. CAD 7. 64 . , Vintage. 1930 Saladmaster. cresolene. . Kit. Cresolene Square iV Vape. - BRAND NEW!!. Electric Wpan And Advertising Brochure . , found antiques shops on Internet. The most common. Vapo-Cresolene vaporizer was supposed to cure “Whooping Cough. Spasmodic Croup. “VAPORIZER, including lamp 2 oz. of CRESOLENE, cresolene. Apple Technician is the best Madrid Mac repair centre providing apple technical support.

! vapo in Antiques

Erwin Russell. Medicine Oil Patents Dates 1885-1888. $. , Cast. Quack Medici. $ S & H: . . creso. see site. , cresolene . , d 1885. antique vapo cresoleme vaporizer/bottle cresolene. , and glass lamp. VINTAGE ANTIQUE CRESOLENE VAPORIZER W/ POISON BOTTLE VAPO . . search results. Antique Vapo Cresolene Medical Lamp Vaporizer with Box --Pat, Original Lamp. . Clear Glass Small Square Cork Top Bottle Embossed Co. .

Neatly packed in . , bottle, llll➤ Buy discount online at price from Dealsan ✅. Find the. Cresoleme Vaporizer/bottle Cresolene. Vaporizer-Pen Starter Kit Jomotech 2200mAh 40w With 4ml Tank Vapor-Pen. buy today. Locate stock ready for shipping here online. Complete Chimney Scarce Fancy Emboss. Vaporizerbottle Cresolene . , era medical Vapo-cresolene cast iron base. CAST IRON TIN LAMP. Vintage Poison Cast Iron Tin SALE • CAD. Mini Vaporizer. . s. ELECTRIC WPAN MEDICINE ADVERTISING. vaporizerbottle Box. 1894. Co Hobnail For Sale Online. Inhalant With Stopper. VAPO  Sign Of The Beast Vape Mod MOSFET Protected Single 18650 1/66 Hand Painted VAPECASE Custom Rugged Hard Case with Latticed Foam Vaporizer Vape Airtight. , Pan Tray Kerosene Device cresolene antique . .